servicesTyonek Manufacturing Group is a diverse collection of companies versed in engineering and manufacturing skills that are dedicated to timely delivery of high quality products and services. With facilities in North Alabama and Central Georgia, we have the full breadth of talented and skilled workers to perform virtually any manufacturing job for the DoD and its suppliers.

These strategically located manufacturing facilities allow us ready access to some of the most advanced, high-tech companies and government operated research and test facilities in the world. In addition to a skilled and certified workforce complete with the necessary tools, and sheer determination, establishing partnerships with highly effective product development houses is a significant part of our business development strategy.

Tyonek Manufacturing Group provides a host of capabilities for DoD and related customers where high quality and demanding schedules dictate performance measurement standards. Although we have grown up and excel in the electrical and mechanical manufacturing arena, we also offer a wide variety of engineering capabilities that have grown primarily out of the needs and requirements of our manufacturing activities.

To highlight, Tyonek has the following manufacturing shops and capabilities:

  • Electrical Assembly Shop – Surface Mount Technology (SMT) and Thru-Hole circuit board assembly, wiring harness assembly
  • Machine Shop – CNC mills and lathes, sheet metal equipment, grinders, tumblers, saws, shears, and a host of smaller equipment for specialty jobs
  • Paint Shop – Specializing in Chemical Agent Resistant Coating (CARC) painting
  • Weld and Fabrication Shop – certified to MIL-STD-1595
  • Assembly and Integration Shop – line assembly operations, small tools, material handling equipment

We are experienced in developing engineering solutions that maximize produceability without compromising integrity, reliability, or functionality. We offer a full range of engineering, manufacturing, assembly, and integration capabilities tuned to a fast-paced environment for rapid response to our customers.

Our systems are fully integrated using the Pro-E Computer Aided Design and Computer Aided Machining tools which allows us to take 3-D graphic models directly from our engineers to the shop floors without loss of time or need for translation.

Manufacturing capabilities are also augmented by a host of preferred vendors that handle special processes to complete our customer’s requirements.